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Colour Trends for Autumn Winter 2019-2020

colour trends for autumn winter 2019 2020

Chilly weather is here, so it’s time to reveal the new colour trends for Autumn Winter 2019-2020.

With the Fashion Weeks happening all the world, we’re so excited to reveal and talk about all the new colour trends for autumn winter !

From New York to London on the catwalks of the biggest names in the fashion industry, the trends have been revealed: these are the colours we will see everywhere during the next season.

Some of them have already won a special place in our hearts!

colour trends for autumn winter 2019 2020

This hue of red has just the right amount of spice. A colour that is easily associated with the festive season, but that doesn’t create an immediate mental connection with Santa Clause – so don’t be afraid to wear it! As we have seen on the catwalks, many designers have chosen some head-to-toe Chilly Pepper outfits with fabulous results. It’s bright, it’s warm, it’s fiery. If you like to stand out this is just the right colour for you

colour trends for autumn winter 2019 2020

A richer shade of red that add depth and sophistication to any look, whether you wear it as your main colour or as an accent. A colour that has dominated the fashion shows, becoming one of the most loved colour trends for autumn winter. These darker colours are perfect for winter as they match with the colours of the season.

colour trends for autumn winter 2019 2020

We are – literally – NUTS for this colour! Hazel is such a charming shade of brown, mellow and warm, reminiscent of nature and earth. We have seen it everywhere on the catwalks, used in many shapes and combinations of colours. As a staple of the neutrals palette, this shade of brown is super attractive and versatile.

colour trends for autumn winter 2019 2020

The power of coffee meets the intensity of an 80% dark chocolate bar. As you might have guessed the keyword here is “richness”. It will be without doubt one of the most trendy colours to wear. Definitely a highlight of the colours trends for the autumn winter, and one to add to the list of favourites for sure. Plus any piece of clothing or accessory in this colour will become a timeless piece in your wardrobe.

colour trends for autumn winter 2019 2020

We have seen a distinct predominance of the yellow across all seasons, and for this one it takes a creamy, buttery and sweet tone that is typical of the butterscotch. The closest things to edible gold. And a colour that is meant to stay with us for a little bit longer!

colour trends for autumn winter 2019 2020

The fashion menu continues, now with a serving of green olives! In the fall/winter season 2019-2020 this colour stands out bright and happy. It’s an unusual take on the classic military shade, that feels less severe and more playful.

colour trends for autumn winter 2019 2020

Blues have dominated the scene on the catwalks in a variety of shades and tones. This particular one stands on the lighter side of the blue spectrum with a slight tinge of grey. It makes us think about those cool winter days, where the air is crisp and the sky is blue…but not too blue. Do you know what we mean?

colour trends for autumn winter 2019 2020

Aptly named and forever a classic, this deep navy is just like the colour the sky, during a dark winter night. Intense, elegant, magnetic. The evening blue has been a constant presence at every fashion week lately and it’s determined to stay. After all it is a neutral that suit pretty much anyone.

colour trends for autumn winter 2019 2020

It wouldn’t be winter without snow and ice! Sometimes dark grey can be a bit severe, but it is one of the key colours for a minimalistic wardrobe. It goes with anything and it always looks sophisticated. It is like a blank canvas that allows lots of combinations with other colours and prints. Uber chic and trendy this season.

colour trends for autumn winter 2019 2020

Paloma is the Spanish word for “dove”, an animal that perfectly reflects the essence of this light shade of grey. Delicate, silvery and ethereal just like the feathers of the bird the colour takes its name from.

colour trends for autumn winter 2019 2020

This pale neutral beige is voluptuous and creamy, just like a very good custard should be! This is a very nice shade of white, not too bright not too cool. The warm tones make it soft and light, easy to pair with other colours or prints. Probably one of our favourite neutrals of the season.

Images via Pantone, Vogue, Lively.

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