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Colour Trends for Spring Summer 2019

colour trends spring/summer 2019

The warmer weather is upon us, and what better than a change of season to put our fashion ideas to a test? All the new season’s trends are hitting the shops and here are our suggestions to ensure you’re staying on top of it all.

Spring/Summer 2019 is all about empowering, uplifting, and confident colors. They’re super playful and creative, which allows designers to create unique combinations. Below you can find the top vibrant shades that took over the runway.

colour trends spring/summer 2019
aspen gold - colour trends spring/summer 2019

This is THE colour for Spring Summer 2019 and it is set to brighten anyone’s day. Just like the sun illuminates everything around, this colour will bring joy and good mood whenever and wherever you’ll be wearing it. Many designers featured this colour on their runways, including Brandon Maxwell, Self-Portrait, Oscar de la Renta, Karen Walker, Batsheva, Carolina Herrera, Boss, Escada, and many more. A must addition to anyone’s wardrobe this season!

colour trends spring/summer 2019

A big hit with designers the likes of Escada and Kate Spade, Princess Blue – an alternative to Royal Blue – has been described as a “majestic royal blue hue that glistens and gleams.” Wear it as a block colour, or even as an accent with a colourful handbag and you’ll be bang on trend!

colour trends spring/summer 2019

A powerful hue which keep being strong across all seasons – it takes its energy from its representation of the natural beauty of a dense forest. This colour has also been used to symbolise women as warriors – the whole ‘who runs the world?’ brigade inspired by Beyonce’ that has gripped the feminist in all of us.

Featured on the catwalk by Dior, Sies Marjan and Maria Grazia Chiuri, Terrarium Moss green has embodied the female version of warriors and explorers.

Suits most skin tones and surprisingly sits well with most colours. Basically a colour that not many people make their own yet would enhance most completions, thereby making a green bag of this kind a practical addition to your collection! That’s our excuse anyway! #practicalityisourexcuse

colour trends spring/summer 2019

Another earthly tone which never really seems to go out of fashion, though this season has been exalted to a primary trend colour! Always relevant, a brown bag will bring versatility, class and style to any outfit. A seasonal staple in Fendi’s collections, year after year, it continues to hold its place as one of the most useful colours in anyone’s wardrobe.

Wear it as a block colour for a more serious image, or use it as an accent/contrast colour when wearing one of the brighter colours on trend this season!

colour trends spring/summer 2019

Is it pink? Is it beige? It’s neither yet both… This warm yet light and delicate shade will appeal to those fashion aficionados amongst you as it is bang on trend, yet it is also one of those colours that one cannot get bored with, hence, regardless of the latest fad, it makes for a clever investment.

jester red - colour trends spring/summer 2019

Despite its name, Jester Red is not a color to joke about. It is a deep, intense red just a few hues shy of a burgundy. It does well mixed with both warm and cool spring/ summer 2019 color trends, but it is the most remarkable when worn on its own.

Like an old expensive wine, this intense and deep shade of burgundy red makes any outfits or accessories look luxurious thereby making this colour an ultimate symbol a noble elegance and urban chic.

colour trends spring/summer 2019

Red has always been a colour associated to party time – this season more than ever with this aptly shade named Fiesta Red! A very festive orange-red, this shade of red radiates huge waves of energy and passion. Even better news is the fact that there is hardly no skin colour this tone can complement instilling boldness in everyone wearing it!

colour trends spring/summer 2019

The eponymous spice is well and truly in the spotlight at the moment. Its recent high profile is linked to its many health boosting powers. So, as well as sipping turmeric lattes or applying turmeric-yogurt face masks, you can certainly soak in its radiant benefits by simply wearing something turmeric!

At Loewe, Turmeric was paired with greens and tans. It is a perfect shade for knitwear piece or silk fabrics, and even more striking…. in leather! OBVS!

colour trends spring/summer 2019

There is no doubt that toffee – both as a colour and as a treat – is simply delicious, plus it complements most skin tones beautifully. It was a pleasant surprise to see it in the spring summer 2019 catwalk, often mixed with warmer reds and yellows.

Toffee is seen as the go-to neutral colour of this season and was featured as a central colour in the catwalks of the likes of Hermes, Fendi and Max Mara, with a wide selection of styles and shapes in both jackets and trousers, skirts and jumpsuit.

colour trends spring/summer 2019

Though there varied pink hues on trend this season, coral is undoubtedly the more popular of them all. A staple in both Marc Jacobs and Sies Marjan’s collection, this color has a soft edge while still being bright!

It fits extremely well between pink and orange and it sure to bring a cheerful edge to any ensemble. It reminisce of summer fruity drinks, pretty spring flowers, and holiday in hot places – which makes it all very season appropriate!

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