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Gifts Ideas For Her

Check out these Gifts ideas for her, if you want to make this a Christmas she will remember!

If you’re looking for unique gifts ideas for the woman who always says she doesn’t need gifts, then keep reading!

Everybody knows it, women love gifts, even when they say they don’t need anything – that’s why we thought it would be helpful for all the men out there to have this handy list of gift ideas, to make your job easier! 

Receiving a gift for Christmas is a moment that makes us all feel cherished and special. Someone actually put some thought into that gift, spent some time and money making it or buying it. They thought of us and what we like and they tried to make it special. And that is indeed the key to the perfect xmas present: make it original and thoughtful! To help you find the perfect Christmas present for her, we made a list of great gift ideas for women: stylish accessories, functional objects, little gifts and more. All made of the highest-quality leather.

1. For the hostess of the mostess!

If she enjoys entertaining and having people over, whether for a dinner party or Christmas cocktails by the fire, we have a selection of special gifts that she will love – for the style element as much as the practical one!

We have leather place mats and coasters, ice buckets and cocktail shakers as well as wine coolers, bottle openers, corkscrews and trays! You can buy these individually starting from only £35 or combine them into more luxurious gift sets with a nice little saving compared to single priced items.

You can add the ultimate special touch with a personalized gift tag or embossed message. Each item in our homeware collection can in fact be embossed with you own special words – and when the structure does not allow it, you can add a special leather gift tag on which we emboss your message instead. 

2. For the business woman who will not compromise on style and individuality!

sofia large leather handbag with handle detail and metallic hardware in blush
carlotta vintage leather laptop bag red

For the business woman in your life, we have the perfect accessories which are both practical and stylish. No matter the job, make her feel confident and powerful walking into her daily routine, with our stunning collection of work bags. Here featured are Sofia, Morgan and Carlotta in our gorgeous washed effect red leather, which are available in a variety of different colours, from the more traditional tan and black to the more unusual denim and blush.

These bags are very spacious and will easily fit a laptop, files and anything else the lady boss will need to take with her to accompany her throughout her working day. They are so spacious in fact, that some models could even double up as hand luggage for a short business trip. And to help with weight management, they come with a long adjustable strap too so that one can rush through the station or the airport hands free!

Guaranteed to last the test of time thanks to the wash treatment these bags undergo during the colouring process which renders them weather resistant.

3. For the woman who looks forward to a hygge moment at home.

Lighting a candle while running a bath, before pouring a glass of wine or preparing a hot chocolate to drink under the blankets… can’t think of anything better! These home fragrances are made for relaxing, cosy moments, with a subtle leather scent (what else?!?) that evokes a feeling of warmth. You can never have too many scented candles and diffusers, and these fragrances are as unique as it gets.

4. For the lover of adventures, getaways and holidays!

If you know that she’s counting the days to the long-awaited summer holiday, the European capital trip or the weekend getaway, this is the gift that will make her waiting more exciting!

A stunning, durable leather travel bag can be the perfect companion for her escapades. If you’re thinking of a small special gift, you can also personalise a leather luggage tag and have it embossed with her name or initials. Guaranteed they will become inseparable.

If your lady fits this description, a stunning leather travel bag can be the ultimate companion for her journeys.

Featured here is Alma, Fiona and Alicia in our soft dark grey leather. Due to the unstructured nature of these bags, they can double up as hand luggage for a plane journey as they can be smaller if not stuffed to the brim! They do remain very spacious though for when more items are required – definitely big enough to carry all the essentials for nice long weekend away or a city break. All our travel bags come with a long adjustable straps and are available in a variety of colours.

You can also add an extra special touch with our customisation service, thereby creating a truly unique one off piece!



If she has no need for a new travel bag, you could always treat her to a smaller accessory that she will still find very useful on her travels.

Featured here you can see three examples of the perfect cross body bag. All with long adjustable straps, are the perfect size to keep close and secure all your travel essentials like passport, mobile phone, boarding passes, money etc.

Carmen, Silvina and Sasha are available in many different colours. Silvina in particular is very versatile as it can become a perfect evening bag by removing the long strap and replacing with the wrist one.

5. For the lover of the Kon-Mari method (aka the neat freak organizer!)

leather storage trunk

Whether she’s a neat freak and loves boxes of any shape and sizes, or if you wish she was tidier, she will fall in love with these storage accessories and won’t stop raving about them.

Made in high-quality leather, the trays are perfect for emptying pockets and placing keys, coins and receipts on it. She could also use them for a cup of tea and a biscuit on her office desk to avoid spilling liquids  and crumbs over her keyboard. The baskets are ideal to store magazines, blankets, remote controls and more.

Why not piece together your gift list for your special lady with a refined leather jewellery box, a perfect gift for a woman, a piece that will complement any dressing table. Opening the box, you will find three main compartments, a padded section for rings and earrings and a mirror. There is also a useful drawer for general jewellery storage.

6. For the one who is a minimalist advocate!

Cash, cards, ID, phone and lipstick. This is what you can fit in this stunning leather purse available in a rainbow of colours with studded details or woven pattern.

This purse, which can also double as a wristlet clutch thanks to its small strap, will become her night-out ally and everyday companion. If she’s got all her essentials in it for a night out with friends, the morning after she can quickly throw it in her work bag if she’s in a hurry. Lifesaver.

A truly indulging and one-off gift which will make the ideal gift for the woman who has everything.

SIMONA Wrist Wallet With Studs BLACK
claudia laser clutch wristlet bag dark grey
SELENE Wristlet Bag Black

7. For the one who loves shiny things …

If she’s the type who likes accessorising but precious metals are not her thing, these leather bracelets are the perfect compromise. Plenty of colours to choose from and just the right amount of bling in the clasp. These can be worn separately or paired to create nice colours contrasts.

Explore a variety of different colours and designs and choose the perfect gift for her this Christmas.

8. And needs somewhere to keep them in!

Keeping all her jewels and small precious objects together but neatly separated, these jewellery boxes are ideal. Made of the smoothest leather with a simple and refined design, they will go perfectly on any dressing table or vanity desk.

There’s more: these boxes can be embossed with initials, names or short sentences. You can personalise these objects with a special message for this special woman, who will think of you anytime she uses it.

Who is your special lady this Christmas? 

9. For the woman who likes to go handsfree

rachele rucksack with pockets
Luna oversized bumbag

For the business woman in your life, we have the perfect accessories which are both practical and stylish. No matter the job, make her feel confident and powerful walking into her daily routine. With our stunning collection of Rachele, Luna and Andrea backpacks in a variety of different colours such as red, blush, tan, navy etc.

Guaranteed to last the test of time thanks to the wash treatment these bags undergo during the colouring process which renders them weather resistant.

Make it extra personal by adding a special touch of her name or a special message.

Let’s make her smile this Christmas. 

10. For the woman who never finds her keys!

Get gift inspired by the Octopus Keyring, its soft leather stripes make it easy to find in a bag, the stunning colours and metallic accents will make it easy to spot around the house. Brighten up your key collection with the bouncy, colourful Octopus Keyring which will steal her heart: the perfect Christmas present for her.

11. For the one who does not do the status quo!

A woman can never have too many handbags, but if you really want to amaze her, a unique one-off piece is the way to go.

Not only she can have any model of bag she likes, in any colour she likes: she will be able to pick paint washes and metallic nuances to go on the leather surface, as well as paint splashes of many colours or graffitis with her name or initials on it. You can read more about the customisation process here.

This way, a wonderful soft leather bag will become a one-off piece, a unique Christmas present for her unique personality. If that won’t make her feel like the most special woman in the world, I don’t know what will.

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