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Leather Handbags: a detailed Glossary of all handbags shapes

So you finally realised you need a leather handbag.

Leather handbags are the best choice if you want to make a good investment over time. The way we see it is…It’s always time for a new bag, especially if it is made of leather! They are an amazing timeless piece everyone should have.

And, as firm believers of quality over quantity, we’d always pick a leather handbag over any other cheap fast-fashion ones you see everywhere these days.

A leather bag is one of the best investments you could ever do. The beauty of leather is that it ALWAYS gets better with time, just like wine. As Italians, when it comes to food, wine and leather goods, we know what we’re talking about.

Some people say that you should have a bag for every occasion: one for the day, one for the evening, one for travelling, one for meetings, one for when you go our with your friends, and so on. If – like us – you are a bag lover you probably already own a bag for every occasion. But, for those of you who have a more minimalist approach to ‘bag-hoarding’, picking the right bag can be quite a challenge.

To help you sifting through all the options available, we have drafted a handy and comprehensive list of the most popular bag shapes, so you don’t have to look elsewhere. You’re welcome!


This type of bag takes its name from the shape of the traditional bags bowlers use to carry their equipment. As a handbag it’s typically of a round shape at the top, has two handles and a zip to keep all your items safe.


claudia laser clutch wristlet bag blush

Not just a cocktail bag anymore. Today’s idea of a clutch bag is more an exaggerated version of a purse. It comes in many different sizes and shapes, making it a super versatile item.


Also known as ‘sling bag’ is the perfect bag if you’re a busy bee and want to keep your hands free to do other things while you’re out and about for shopping, or when you need to be quick to grab the hoodie of your kid before he or she runs away from you in a crowded road. Everyday life chic essential item.


The duffle is a style statement. Anyone can recognise its cylindrical shape and round sides. It is just the right size to be a small hand luggage or the perfect gym bag.


VIRGINIA Flap Bag With Top Handle Mustard

The main feature of this bag is the extra fabric folding over the front, which makes it unique in its own category. Flap bags are a pass-par-tout of anyone’s wardrobe, comfortable and practical during the day, and classic elegant for the evening.


A category that includes a wide variety of styles. Someone could even argue that every bag is pretty much a handbag. Well…yes and no. By definition, any bag that has a short handle that allows to carry it “by hand” is a handbag.


ilaria leather shoulder bag moon shaped laser cut detail blush

Not the most appealing name for a bag, it comes from the typical bindle on the stick you see in every cartoons. Hobo bags are a type of shoulder bag, with a longer handle and a relaxed round shape. A favourite of people who like to carry lots of ‘essential’ items with them, a mini home away from home!


leather messenger bag silvia fuchsia

Queen of popularity, the messenger bag comes in many shapes and sizes and a functional long strap to put across your body to keep your hands free. Top choice for commuters.


Similar to the above mentioned messenger bag, the satchel is made unique by the double buckle on the front, which has become its very own trademark.


GINA Shoulder Bag with Front Buckle Denim

A shoulder bag never disappoints, both in terms of fashion and functionality. Spacious inside and stylish outside it will be the perfect companion for the urban trendsetters!


Who doesn’t already have one of these in their wardrobes! Mostly known in is the canvas version everyone uses for shopping. A tote bag widely speaking is any bag that does not have a closure, with medium length handle and plenty of space inside to carry anything we need! An all-year round must-have!


Leather weekenders are a timeless piece for the modern travellers. Equipped with sturdy handles, pockets and usually a strap to wear across your body, and you’re ready for your next adventure!


SIMONA Wrist Wallet With Studs

As the name suggests, the wristlet is worn around your wrist with its practical strap. Who wouldn’t want a bag that you can wear like a bracelet?

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