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Khossologie Launch Party

An event for art connoisseurs and leather bag lovers alike!

Join us on the 19th of June for a special event dedicated to the art of GRAFFITI.

We’ll treat you to a small-yet-perfectly formed exhibition of gorgeous digital art illustrations by Khossologie.

We will also be introducing our very special and very exclusive Limited Edition collection of graffitied handbags – all one off pieces, that can be made bespoke to your preferences.

Everything will be accompanied by a refreshing Pimm’s and Strawberries inspired Aperitivo.

Find more information about this event on our facebook page or the even page Khossologie Launch Party

The admission for this event is free but a registration is required.

Click below to register for the event and be added to our Guest List!


Be part of the limited edition club

Our Limited Edition handbags are part of a special collection of one-off pieces that are pained by an artist on request. Every piece is unique since the bags are hand painted by the artist one by one. No two bags will ever come out looking exactly the same.

The GRAFFITI effect, which will be the star of the show during our event, allows you to be very creative. You can pick the words you prefer to go on any style of bag in our range. Pick from names of famous cities, inspiring quotes that have a special meaning to you, or even letters with no meaning. The choice is yours.

Among the other customisation options available we have the metallic effect and the paint effect.

The metallic effect is a special wash that is applied to the natural leather of the bag you choose. It can either be the same colour, for example metallic brown on brown, to give it that extra shine and holographic effect. Otherwise the bag can be washed with a different colour in its metallic shade, for example, yellow on green.

The paint effect is very much inspired by Jackson Pollock’s style of painting, with a subtle but very impactful result. With the ‘drip and splash’ technique it is possible to create abstract patterns that are never the same.

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