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Mother’s day gifts for the main woman in your life.

Scroll down for our selection of Mother’s Day Gifts ideas for every type of mama out there!

Shopping for Mother’s day gifts is a hard thing to do sometimes. If your mother is anything like mine, she will never tell me what she really wants, or ever worse she will say she doesn’t need anything at all.

In these cases the only thing you can do is take matter in your own hands and just BUY HER SOMETHING! After all… she gave birth to you, she spent years looking after you, and growing up you have started getting to know her more. SO by now you should have an idea of what your mother is like and what she loves.

In Italian we say things like “La mamma e’ sempre la mamma” and “Di mamma ce n’e’ una sola” which generally translate to the idea that there’s only one mamma for each one of us and no matter what she’ll always be our mother. 

Each mother is different, and unique in her own beautiful ways. Maybe she’s the classic nurturing mama (like most Italian mothers) or a workaholic who knows when to make time for her loved ones. She  might be the adventurous type who likes to travel, or a born entertainer who loves to be surrounded by people and host great parties.


Whether she’s trendy, classy, minimalist or over the top, take a look at these mother’s day gift ideas, there will be surely something for each type of mama out there! 

…and if you get it right this time, you’ll definitely become her favourite child!

1. For the hopelessly romantic

She always sees the good in people, is the sweetest person you know and has a big heart. If your mum is a romantic she will have a soft spot for anything a bit sparkly and heart shaped, like this selection of leather bracelets we picked.

But should she be less into this type of romantic accessories, have a look at our jewellery for her section for more styles and colours. Plenty to pick from! 

All the bracelets are made of leather – of course – and are decorated with either charms, pearls or medals, with a variety of differently shaped stainless steel closures, in silver, gold or rose gold finish. 


2. For the Rock Chick, with a soft soul.

These mum are strong independent women who probably prefer a ‘tough love’ kind of attitude when it comes to parenting. That doesn’t mean that they don’t love you to bits! Like the cool rock chicks from when they were younger, they are strong willed, opinionated, and love leather and studs! And can you blame them? 

They might not show their emotions too frequently, but if you pick one of these bags for her, she will remain speechless – for once! Go and have a browse at our collection of black leather bags, to find more styles and pick your mum’s favourite – or the next bag you’re going to steal from her!

SILVIA Messenger Bag Black

3. For the workaholic 

For the all the hard working mothers, who sometimes have had to sacrifice family time for work time, but who have always made time for you when needed. Show them how much you appreciate her with one of these bags she will find both beautiful and practical for work!

These bags have plenty of space for all her daily work-essential accessories, from laptop to organisers, and even space for a lunch box. And if she travels often for work, these handbags can double as a hand luggage. Practicality to the max! They come with a long adjustable strap too so they are easy to carry and one can rush through the station or the airport hands free!

Here featured are Virginia, Daniela and Giada which are available in a variety of different colours, from the more traditional tan and black to the more unusual denim and blush.

These are just a few examples and you can find more styles in our collection of work bags

carlotta vintage leather laptop bag tan

4. For the hippie mama in love with the 70s!

Fringes, fringes, fringes galore! The hippie moms love a good old fringed bag, especially if a bit slouchy like Ambra and Camilla, one with a cute buckle detail and the other one with a unique woven shoulder strap. Another thing that moms who are in love with the 70’s love is a pop of colour. Especially when it comes to this lovely shade of mustard of our Angela. Mustard is definitely one colour that has powerfully made its come back in the past years as a must-have colour… for anything! 

4. For the Entertainer who loves a cocktail!

This one is for all the mothers who have an innate gift for entertaining. They love to throw parties and dinners and most certainly they know how to shake cocktails, serve drinks and enjoy said drinks too. Whether she is more of a cocktails type of woman – who never turns down a Cosmopolitan – or the type who has a soft spot for a glass of a rich red Italian wine, then our collection of bar accessories and homeware will be your Mecca to find the perfect Mother’s Day gifts!

5. For the adventure seeker…or regular Spa goer!

If she likes to disappear to exotic locations, or simply, if she loves a spa weekend away with her friends once in a while, then she might just need a new weekender bag. Among the variety of Mother’s Day gifts on this list, these might not be the cheapest, but they will definitely grant you the title of FAVOURITE CHILD EVER!

Our collection of leather travel bags and hand bags features gorgeous and durable options for all occasions. With the variety of sizes and colours available we’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for your mama. 

6. For the one who’s decluttering her life. 

If you have noticed your mother going for a more minimalist approach lately, it might mean that she wants to carry less and will definitely appreciate a small bag to add to her collection! So what she really needs is definitely a new leather purse or a wristlet clutch, like the ones featured here. 

Claudia is a versatile wristlet that comes in different patterns (woven or lasered) and can double as a crossbody when needed. Selene is a great multitasker too. Small in size with a wrist strap and a long strap so it can be used as a mini crossbody or clutch for an evening out. Plenty of space for cash, cards, ID, phone and lipstick. Simona is possibly the perfect purse, plus it can fit a phone too. This one you’ll definitely want to buy for yourself too. 

SELENE Wristlet Bag Teal
SIMONA Wrist Wallet With Studs
claudia laser clutch wristlet bag dark grey

9. For the hyper-organised one

This type of mums are women who are masters at multitasking and organising. They need a bag that will adjust to their needs while still being practical and stylish. A backpack, a bumbag or a crossbody are definitely the styles that they would make them happy. Our suggestions? Well, something like Alex or Lunetta bumbags would be perfect. Small, practical and light. Or maybe Andrea and Sara, two backpacks with character. Sara especially, can be a backpack, hand bag or a cross body bag – it all depends on how you adjust the detachable straps.

That’s exactly what every multitasker dreams of! 

small leather bumbag
ANDREA Rucksack Blush
lunetta leather bumbag

11. BONUS IDEA, a personalised handbag!

If you really really want to impress your mum on Mother’s Day this year, this is something she definitely won’t expect. So it is guaranteed to leave her speechless.

A personalised leather handbag is something every woman wishes for, a one-off piece nobody else has.

You can pick any model of bag in any colour she might like and pick different paint washes and metallic nuances to go on the leather surface, as well as paint splashes of many colours or graffitis with her name or initials on it. Find our more about the customisation process here.

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