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For all of you who are always on look out for unique items, our range of customisable leather handbags is right up your street!

Between plenty of models, patterns, details and a rainbow of colours, the choice is almost endless with our genuine leather goods. However, if you’re looking for something really specials and exclusive, we can make your wish come true. With our customisable leather handbags and wallets, you can own that one-off unique item that only you can wear.

Every single one of our handbags and wallets can be hand-painted by our Italian leather-crafting masters to become a unique piece. And there is more: you can be the one to create the unique combination of colours and effects to customise your leather handbags.

How does it work?

Step 1: Special Wash

You can choose to leave the natural colour of your bag as the base for other details to be added on top, or you can apply a special wash to give your bag an exclusive look.

You can apply a paint wash, to add another tone to your bag’s colour: you can choose a similar colour to create a nuanced effect or your could go for a totally different colour and create a two-tone or three-tone effect.

If you’re looking to give your bag a precious feel, you can go for a metallic wash to give your bag a golden, silver or copper effect. You can also choose any other colour with metallic pigments.

You can also decide to combine the normal paint wash and the metallic one for 50 shades of your all favourite colours on your customisable leather handbags.


Originally in Blush, this handbag was treated with a blue/green paint wash.

metallic handbag

This brown handbag was treated with a black paint wash and metallic copper lamination.

backpack metallic

This backpack, originally in Tan, has been treated with a black and dark green paint wash and laminated with golden pigments.


This fuchsia handbag was treated with black paint wash and a metallic silver wash.

Step 2: Special Effects and Patterns

If you have already chosen whether to add a special wash to your customisable leather handbag or you’re planning on keeping its current look, you can add more details on top of it to create that special look you’re after.

You can apply a drip and splash paint effect. Inspired by Jackson Pollock’s style of painting, the paint effect is subtle but very impactful. Through this technique, your handbag will feature abstract patterns that are never the same. Different colours of paint are often used to create a contrasting effect on the original colour of the bag.

You can have a graffiti effect on your bag. Choose a few words that mean something to you, names of your beloved ones or special dates. You could also decide to have an inspirational quote to go on your bag: it doesn’t get any more unique than this.

You also have the option to choose little figures and symbols such as hearts, stars or flowers, to create a special drawn pattern with the colours of choice for an urban look.

intrecciatura asimmetrica

This woven black handbag was embellished with white, red, blue and pink paint splash effect.

anita ltd mustard

This mustard handbag was treated with black, green and purple paint wash and white and black paint splashes.


This black backpack was treated with paint splash effect in a variety of colours including white, yellow, blue and pink.

limited edition leather handbags

This orange hadnbag was treated with a black paint wash, graffiti effect in pink and white with names of cities and paint splash effect in white and black.

The possibilities are endless, as you can decide to have just one effect or even all three altogether!

A customised leather handbag or wallet can be that special accessory that is missing in your wardrobe. The one-off piece that you co-created and can become your statement accessory for every occasion. It also makes a great present for that woman who has everything: you can choose to customise it with their favourite colours or their name for them to receive the most exclusive gift.

You can customise any of the stunning leather bags and wallets in our collection. To do so, you can choose the mix of washes and effects your prefer through the customisation option on the website. You can also contact us to discuss all the details of your special creation and make sure that you get the unique piece you have in mind.

Send us an email at and we’ll be happy to show you more photos, ideas and more!

Since you’re here, why not have a look at our collection? Or browse our bags by style, if you’re looking for something in particular!

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